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Well storm season has officially kicked off this month, are you prepared?
Forecasters are predicting up to 22 Severe Storms* will strike in and around the Brisbane CBD over the next 6 months. Energex do a very good job of reminding us all how to be prepared at home for a power outage, with their recent campaign asking us all if we could survive 3 days without power. The same should also be considered for businesses. BCA offer many proactive services which help protect your IT investment and identify issues and failures before they interrupt your business, but a full power outage, unless you have a large generator out the back, is something you need to plan for in advance. Ensuring you have working UPS power protection devices which safely shutdown machines and protect them from power spikes is a great start, and will help ensure your important machines like your server aren’t corrupted due to an unexpected sudden shut down. Also having manual systems in place as a backup, such as a receipt book on hand, will make sure that business basics can continue operating even in difficult circumstances.

The BCA R&D lab has been working overtime over the last month, with a few new improvements coming soon to our ticketing system based on survey feedback. You may have already noticed some changes to the look of the emails updates we have been sending you for your tickets.
We also have a new backup solution coming that we have designed from the ground up. With the size required for backups getting larger and solutions only getting more expensive and more complex, we set about designing and testing a backup solution ourselves. Leveraging BCA’s VSA technology we were able to create a solution which has shown to be more reliable and cost effective.

That wraps up all the highlights on our minds for this month. If we’ve raised any questions in your mind, we’d love to hear from you.

Warm regards,

Matt and Stu
BCA Directors

*figures taken from Courier Mail.

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