Archive files and go paperless with one simple solution

Is paperwork taking over your office? How about the cost of printing, storing and throwing that paper away? With GPK’s infoPoint software solution, you and your staff will have the power to create, access, manage, control, distribute and even archive electronic documents including spreadsheets, PDF files, graphics, emails and more; all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

That means with one single software solution created by GPK, you can simplify archiving and create a paperless office – removing the need for filing cabinets and giving you more office space while simultaneously eliminating expensive printing and shredding costs.

And, because infoPoint is built on Microsoft technology and compatible with all of today’s popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, this program is scalable and future-proof.

The infoPoint software solution from GPKis:

  • Efficient – save time as you’ll be able to find and send documents without leaving your computer
  • Accessible – easily integrate infoPoint into your existing software, and access it remotely as well
  • Customisable – design your system to meet your unique needs and control who has access to which documents
  • Easy to set up – we provide the complete solution, including hardware; you just provide yourself and your staff
  • Money-saving – low entry costs and electronic documents will reduce your overhead today and long into the future

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