KNM has utilsed GPK for IT services for several years. The service, expertise and reliability has gone from great to awesome. Thank you GPK.

Marty Carne (Managing Director) – KNM Services Pty Limited

If you need an I.T company who has business security as a top priority and are focused on finding money and time-saving solutions for your firm, I recommend GPK. They’ve taken care of our I.T. requirements for more than ten years; their outstanding service continues to help grow our business. Thanks to GPK, data is freely shared between our two offices, one on the Gold Coast and the other in Brisbane, on a highly secure, custom-made network between fast, cutting-edge workstations. Their team is always accessible by phone and they offer what is probably the fastest and certainly most hassle-free service in their industry.

Craig Blake – Accountant

GPK is closely involved in our short, medium and long-term strategic planning. They are responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and upgrades of computer systems and networks in our offices based in Beenleigh and Shailer Park. We have a 30-strong team; they all have access to the most reliable technology available via our secure GPK implemented network. In a nutshell, GPK means ‘peace of mind’ to our team – the peace of mind of knowing that if there are ever any issues, they can be called upon to reliably ensure that there our business continues to run smoothly. Importantly, they have a thorough understanding of the real estate software “Console”, which integrates administration, sales and property management.

Dennis Wey – Real Estate

When our firm shifted offices, technological issues that could have been a nightmare were in fact handled like clockwork by the GPK team. We literally moved out on Friday, and when our staff moved back in on Monday morning, all fourteen workstations were all in place, networked and configured for business without a hitch. You can’t put a price on that level of service. Thanks GPK!

Sam Tornabene – Real Estate

GPK’s creativity enables our firm to continually stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. Unlike most I.T. companies, they take the time to get a firm grasp on exactly what we want to achieve. Then, rather than putting up barriers, they do whatever it takes to find a solution to what is often a complex problem. GPK’s ability to innovate is why they are a valuable partner to our business.

Jonathan Cichero – Dental Surgery

Our IT infrastructure needed a total overhaul, GPK exceed our expectations, delivering quality product at the right price, at the right time. Their attention to detail was remarkable thus ensuring a seamless transition to the new system. It’s great to know that your IT service provider is as serious about your business as you are.

Dr. Rob Freeman – B.D.Sc (Qld)